OTO Protocol is coming to Avalanche Network

OTO Protocol is coming to Avalanche Network, the best Automatic Staking and Automatic Compounding Protocol. Powered by NODAC Labs and Pinksale Launchpad Platform.

OTO Protocol is an Automatic Staking and Automatic Compounding Protocol that offers a high fixed APY of 382,945.41% on the Avalanche Network!

OTO Protocol utilizes a positive rebase mechanism for rewards distribution while controlled by an aggressive supply control technique — a difference brought by the development team compared to existing protocols. This aggressive supply control technique is called the Cauldron. The contract sends the burned tokens to the null/dead address and is not excluded from the positive rebase mechanism to control the inflation efficiently and aggressively. This is the one of the main big differences of OTO Protocol as burned tokens and accrued rewards from it are truly burned and excluded from the circulating supply of $OTO. Inflation is controlled at an exponential rate due to the ever increasing size of the Cauldron as time goes by with more $OTO tokens being traded.

The protocol also utilizes the treasury from collected taxes to be invested on low to medium risk protocols on different blockchains. Rewards earned are airdropped to $OTO holders in the form of AVAX tokens on a monthly basis. This adds another stream of rewards from buying and holding $OTO in your wallet.

OTO Protocol aims to simplify decentralized finance to the platform users through a Buy, Hold and Earn concept. There would be no need of doing complicated processes and waste of gas fees to earn rewards. No more — approving tokens, staking, claiming and compounding rewards to maximize potential rewards. With OTO Protocol, Automize Your Gains!

Here are the technical details of the Presale Launch on Pinksale Launchpad.

The Official OTO Protocol Presale Link will be posted across official social media platforms and discussion groups. Any other link you see is fake or scam. Please be vigilant.

The Presale will be executed through a whitelisting process, however unsold tokens will be up for grabs for the public 30 minutes after the initial whitelist sale is opened.

There are two (2) tiers for Whitelist:

  1. As the team mentioned, OTO Protocol is an incubated project by NODAC Labs. Tier 1 Whitelist is given to $NODAC Avalanche holders who have 50,000 or more $NODAC tokens on their wallet. However, they must claim their whitelist spot through OTO Protocol’s verification portal in the discord server.

To claim your Tier 1 Whitelist spot, please do the following:

a. Join the OTO Protocol Discord Server: discord.gg/otoprotocol

b. Get your OTOmizer role on the verify channel to gain access to the rest of the discord server.

c. Go to #collab-join under the Whitelist Verification category.

d. Verify your $NODAC holdings by clicking the connect wallet.

e. Upon successful verification you will be automatically given the NODAC Whitelist role on the discord server.

Note that if you sell your $NODAC tokens, you will be stripped of your role. This will forfeit your eligibility for contributing on OTO Protocol presale.

Tier 1 Whitelist/NODAC Whitelist is a guaranteed contribution spot. Users will be given the first fifteen (15) minutes to contribute their AVAX tokens before opening the presale for TIer 2 Whitelist/OTO Whitelist participants.

2. Tier 2 Whitelist/OTO Whitelist is given by winning Competitions and Giveaways from the OTO Protocol Team or 3rd party partners/individuals/entities. Tier 2 Whitelist/OTO Whitelist is not a guaranteed contribution spot and can only fill unsold tokens by the Tier 1 Whitelist/NODAC Whitelist. Users will be able to contribute if this holds true after fifteen (15) minutes

In case there are unsold tokens from the whitelist phase, it will be sold for public sale on a first come, first serve basis.

Softcap: 1000 AVAX
Hardcap: 2000 AVAX

Minimum Contribution: 1 AVAX
Maximum Contribution: 12 AVAX

Presale Date (Tentative): March 18 6PM UTC
Traderjoe Listing: March 18 8PM UTC

Presale Rate: To be updated
Listing Rate: To be updated

For individuals/projects who are keen for partnership/proposals, please contact zerion_defi#1721 on our official discord server.

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Find more information about OTO Protocol here:

Website: https://otoprotocol.info/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/otoprotocol

Discord: https://discord.gg/otoprotocol

Telegram: https://t.me/otoprotocol

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OTOProtocol

Whitepaper: https://oto-protocol.gitbook.io/oto-protocol/

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